The rat race is not for me. I made some money in the city of Boston. I worked for some heavy hitters. I did not enjoy my life. Now I do. I move slowly through my days, taking the time to truly enjoy every moment of it. While training myself to do this, I slowly realized that I was able to see things others could not. I had long ago become proficient at the technical aspects of photography. Many people are technically proficient, but their work lacks something. I am never quite sure what that something is, but all too often commercial work is nothing more than replication of trends. I can do that for you, if that's what you want. I can replicate ideas that have been overdone, in order to chase trends. My suggestion is to let me work with you, to make something vibrant, and, most importantly, different. Something that will resonate with people.

It's just me. I am easy to work with. Ask my clients. I am a one-stop shop. Photography and video production, from acquisition of materials to digital delivery, both stills and full HD video via Vimeo.

Andover, NH