park cemetery project

I am a photographer. I work with old film cameras and I look for old things and places to photograph. Cemeteries are special places to me. I think they are special to many people. They are quiet and reverent places where you can go to slow your mind and gather your thought and reflect on what truly matters in this life. I have driven by Park cemetery thousands of times in my life. But I was always on the go. In one rush or another for some very important business opportunity that I doubt was ever that important. Then I landed in the hospital at 46. They told me I had had a heart attack. That will make you think. Thankfully, it was not a heart attack. They in fact were not quite sure what it was or why all the machines indicated I had in fact had a heart attack. I recall one of the doctors saying: "now we just have to asses how much damage has been done to your heart." I had to make changes. I was not healthy. Nor in mind or body. So I went back to taking photographs. It was always a healing meditative undertaking so I focused on doing something of value with it. I was not sure what, but was sure it would be good for me if I just got out and took photographs. I had to slow down. Enjoy life. Make better choices. Spend time around better people.

One day I realized I had not actually ever driven into Park Cemetery. It struck me almost as bizarre that I had driven by it so many times in at least twenty five years, but was never even remotely curious about going in. So I went in with my cameras. I was awestruck, truly. The stones, the history. The location. The river that swept out behind it. After twenty five years of never going in and only ever driving by, now it's a miracle if I ever drive by and not into the cemetery these days to take photographs. Soon I met Paul, the caretaker. He told me the place could use some help, and as is often the case with many agencies, funds were scarce. So we got to talking and decided to build this site and give people an opportunity to pitch in and help, in any way they can, repair and mend both the grounds and the stones. Below are some stories from Paul with photographs I have taken over the past few years.

I shoot with black and white film and sometimes develop in a coffee based solution. This can add an abstract quality to images of things that usually put my mind a different place. A quiet, better one.


Stone repair

A stone can be repaired for $150.00 Cemeteries are sacred places. If you want to help, any help would appreciated.


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